PhpStorm deletes all files in my project and on my remote server


Occasionally when I press Command-S to save a file and automatically upload it to my remote server PhpStorm instead clears my remote server folder.

I am unsure if it could be connected to a finger slip and I pressed Command-D instead. It's very scary anyway even though I now know how to restore it all, but it's really annoying and if I'm not careful I may just lose my whole days work.

Could you please advise me how to stop this behaviour?

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Hi there,

I guess you must have "Upload changed files automatically..." option enabled .. plus "Delete target items when source ones do not exist" as well.

But that's for missing local files (file is present on remote but local was deleted .. so IDE also deletes remote to keep them in sync). I'm not aware of exact scenarios where IDE just deletes whole remote for no reason.

In any case -- if you think it's happening random:

1) enable extra logging.

2) disable auto upload and only upload changes manually


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