Maven dependencies lost after unexpected shudown


My computer shut down unexpectedly while I was using IntelliJ. When I turned it back, all the configuration what messed up. I had to reimport the project and configure the IDE appearance but I finally got it going except for the Maven dependencies.

I really don't know what to do because I hadn't touched anything in the project structure except to add an artifact. Now when browsing to libraries, a lot of them seem to be missing. All of them apparently under out/artifacts. This causes my project to have many missing dependencies errors, all those downloaded with Maven. The pom.xml file doesn't report any problem, and any change in it, although downloads sources automatically, doesn't solve the configuration problem.

What can I do?

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Delete .idea directory and reimport the project from pom.xml.

If it doesn't help, delete .m2 cache directory and run mvn install in the command line to verify that new copies of the dependencies are fetched.


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