Project settings vs IDE settings



I'm a bit confused about the distinction between project settings and IDE settings in IntelliJ.

Up until recently, I assumed that project settings were specific for a project, i.e. could have different values for different projects. This is also what the help info leads me to believe:

However I have noticed several instances where some settings that are marked with the 'project-icon' (and thus should be project specific) seem to be shared across multiple projects. If I make a change to these settings, these changes are also visible when viewing the settings for other projects.
Examples of this include:

  • Tools -> Terminal
  • Version Control -> Git

So what's up with this? Are these bugs in the plugins or in IntelliJ itself? Or do I misunderstand the concept of Project settings?

Other settings that are marked with the same icon are *not* shared across projects (which is what I would consider the proper behavior). For example:

  • Version Control -> Background
  • Tools -> Startup tasks
  • Tools -> SSH Terminal
  • ... and lots of others


If anyone can confirm that my assumption is correct (settings with the project-icon should *not* be shared across projects) then I'll create a Youtrack issue for this.





If you see a project icon for the setting and the text "For current project", but the setting actually affects all the projects, it's a bug that should be reported at


OK, thanks, I'll do that.


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