Keystrokes going to IntelliJ instead of terminal in IntelliJ


I often startup vi in a terminal in IntelliJ. When I press shortcut keys like 'Ctrl + N' etc. IntelliJ picks it up as shortcut keys and open up a dialog etc. Anyway to get around this?


Do you have Override IDE Shortcuts option enabled in the Terminal settings? See also


Same problem for me, seems like 'Override IDE Shortcuts' does not work for all shortcuts. Have not found any solution yet to make 'CTRL-n' not opening up the class-search dialog. I´m using cygwin bash as default terminal, 'Override IDE shortcuts' enabled, but some shortcuts still are passed to IDE and the terminal. Makes no difference whether terminal is in a separate window, floating or embedded.

Very annoying when working with screen in an ssh session...


And I am using Windows, so the linked apple issue does not help me.


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