newbie question about IntelliJ + JUnit


Hi everyone,

I need some help with IntelliJ ..I am used to work with netbeans. 
There is something I dont get with IntelliJ ... Whenever I import an existing project with test classes (which uses JUnit libraries) , I always have to explicitely add the Junit modules to the imported project 

Even if I have add the junit libraries under the 'Global Libraries' in Platform Settings, I always have to add it manually to an imported project. 
Maybe there is something I overlooked .. Do you have an idea? I cant find directly a solution on Google .... 
I know in Netbeans I added those libraries only once in the global config, and every project I open, immediately works fine. 

It is a pitty cause the IntelliJ IDE looks very good! 

Hope someone can help me with it .. 

Best Regards 

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You can't configure a library that will be used by all the modules by default.

For every module you create you have to define the libraries that it will use:

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Thanks for ur quick answer Serge.

Maybe I used the wrong term in my question .. I always have to explicitely add the Junit libraries to the imported project
and not module as stated in my first message..

So is your answer then still valid? otherwise I don't really understand this way of working with what you called "modules"




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Dependencies are added to the modules in IDEA, not to the projects. You can have a project library, but unless it's added to any module, it has no effect.


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