Error related to deployment in Hello World Java EE application


I am pretty new to java web development, decided to start with the tutorials in jetbrains website. 

I followed the instructions in the link below.

The instructions were pretty simple, creating the project, modify the index.jsp file a bit. When I tried to run the application after those steps, I got the following output.


In the before you start section of tutorial, it was written that I need to download GlassFish, so I did and unzipped it. So after running the application, I typed asadmin start-domain to command prompt to check if  server is running and I get the following: 

So these are all information I can provide about the issue. 

Thanks already for the answers.

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'asadmin start-domain' command actually starts the GlassFish server. You shouldn't run it manually, since this is what an IDEA run configuration does for you. So an error message 'There is a process already using...' tells you the server is already started by IDEA.
Regarding the IOException, the GlassFish log should tell you the details.
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What Glassfish version do you use? Could you please share your project to reproduce the problem?

Did you check the server logs for the actual exception as suggested?


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