Stopping application does not work




I'm experiencing a rather severe issue ever since I updated to Windows 10.

Here is a simple example:

1. I place a debug point between two simple commands, run the script in debug mode and let the application pause there

Log message printed as expected.

2. Hit the red square (STOP) command to terminate the program.

I would expect that the application would stop immediately.

3. Instead the console looks like this:The second command AFTER the breakpoint was executed anyway.

What am I missing here? Even longer scripts keep running regardless that I hit the stop button, there is no way to actually terminate a process in debug mode. This is really severe.


Do you have any suggestions or is there something trivial I am missing?




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Try adding Thread.sleep(1000); before "End" as a workaround.

See for the problem background.

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Hi Serge

Like I said: "Even longer scripts keep running regardless that I hit the stop button". Thread sleep does not do anything. I am not looking for a workaround but a way to eliminate the issue all together.

Thank you anyway :)

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Can't confirm that it doesn't help:


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