Limiting the number of plugin-specific features in a project


Hi all,

I'm curious if there is a way to limit the number of contextual options available in the various menus in IDEA. For example, if I do the following: New Project > Java > Create project from template: Java Hello World > Finish, when I visit my new project and right click to add a new file I'm presented with the following menus:

I really appreciate the polyglot-ness of IDEA, but having so many extra options in context menus or under the tool bar menus is distracting. I understand that there are great keyboard shortcuts for many (or all) commands that a person might need on a project, but there's some visual noise that can be frustrating.

Is there a way to set up some restrictions for this sort of thing; e.g. if I'm not working on a PHP project, then the menus won't show me PHP-specific options, or is this just the nature of IDEA's multi-language support? As part of a different discussion, others shared similar photos, for example: 

Thanks in advance for your time and trouble.

EDIT: I should've pointed out that I'm using IDEA Ultimate 15.0.6.


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