JDK version (1.6 vs 1.8)


Hi, I can see my plugin won't compile with PhpStorm 2016.2 if I don't use JDK v1.8

But I'm worried that if I use 1.8 then other users using an older Java version or an older PhpStorm won't be able to use the plugin anymore

Could somebody tell me please what is the best strategy here? is it safe to compile the plugin with JDK1.8 even for old PhpStorm versions?


Thanks !!

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Use JDK 1.8, but change language level and bytecode version to 1.6 and avoid using 1.8 APIs if you want your plug-in to be compatible with older versions.

2016.1.x requires Java 8 to run.

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Thanks Serge !!



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