Control keys broken in terminal since 2016.2.3


Since I updated to 2016.2.3 today, I can no longer do, for example, Ctrl+R (search in command history) and Ctrl+C (cancel/quit current operation) in the Terminal view. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Although the bug description seems to be something else entirely, the comments do talk about the issue I'm having. :)

Well OK then, like others in the comment thread I'll try rolling back to .2 because of this, if no hotfix release is planned to fix this. (Bugreport mentions 2016.3 even)

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I too am having this issue and it is quite the annoyance.  For heavy terminal users not having Ctrl makes the IDEA terminal mostly useless.  This seems a silly issue to not fix immediately considering what most of us pay to use this product. 


IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.3
Build #IU-162.1812.17, built on August 30, 2016


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