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    I am trying to use AspectJ concept to retrieve logs generated by *.aj and corresponding dependency classes in Android project created in Android Studio (V2.1.3)  . These logs are intended to track user navigation throughout the application. For example , which are all Fragment's user navigated to , which button user pressed etc. Basically replication of Analytic tools used in Mobile Applications.

I understand that direct compilation of *.aj files are not supported in Studio, so I created a plugin (including *.aj and *.java files ) in Eclipse and tried to use this in Android Studio.

If these dependencies had compiled successfully, I am supposed to get logs generated by Android application in logcat. But unfortunately I am not getting the same.

The same plugin I tried with Eclipse Android environment and found that logs are generated by plugin. These logs interpret user navigation throughout application.

Is there any way I can make this working as same in Eclipse other than shifting the development environment to Eclipse . With which it will become difficult to get support in future as well as custom libraries used with Android Studio. In fact I am not sure all features will work with Eclipse environment or not.

The issue is explained in 

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