Docker usage - best practise


I have just started using Docker and would appreciate a steer.

A container is running on my Windows 10 machine -  a Jhipster application as it happens.

My Intellij is running on the Windows machine and I want to update and test the code within the container.

What are my options?

Maybe one is to simply open the code within the container from within Intellij, but it is not obvious how that would work.

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Yes, I see the plugin and will use it.

In this scenario the project master is on the Windows machine and deployed to the Docker container, right?

What about keeping the project within the Docker container?

Presumably there is a way of exposing the Docker container as a computer on the network of the Windows machine? Then within Intellij I will see that computer's file system and open the project that is there. 

If that is correct,I see there are a number of Docker networking options - not sure what is best approach for setting that up.

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It's not recommended to edit remote files directly for the performance reasons. Normally you edit the files locally and use deployment feature to sync them with the remote.

If the project is small, you can try to work with the remote files directly.

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I just can't get the docker image running. It simply does nothing when I press the run or debug button. I am also testing with a jhipster application.

I set the the deployment file to sec/main/docker/Dockerfile and also tried renaming the app.yml to docker-compose.yml to run with the yml.

Tried adding the gradle task to build the project before launch `bootRepackage buildDocker`

What am I missing?


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