Navigate to Type Declaration -- Opening a new window?


I've noticed in recent builds that when I use the Navigate to Type Declaration (Ctrl+Shift+B or Ctrl+Shift+Button 1 click) the result is being opened in a new window, instead of a new tab in the same window.

I've searched and searched, but cannot find how to change this's most unexpected and annoying (to me).

This seems like it might be related to, but that is marked as fixed and I'm running 163.3512.7, which is newer than where that ticket is supposed to be fixed.

I would appreciate any pointers on this, including "Please file a ticket" ;-)




Do you mean that and the video linked from this comment doesn't help?


Correct. For the case I've described, I'm still getting a new editor window, which is driving me nuts.


Please create a new issue at and attach idea.log. Also attach the screenshots with your keymap settings relevant for this action (as shown on the video).


Guys, I am experiencing the same issue. I have rebound key Shilt + Left Mouse Button . Now, a click on definition (with Shift pressed) causes to open declaration in new window, but a few hours ago the source was opened in the new tab (much more convenient).


Please file a new bug as suggested above.


I know what was the matter in my case: I have rebound "Navigate to declaration" to the `Shift + LeftMouseButton` — this hotkey was the culprit

When IDE opens a tab with `Shift` pressed — it opens this tab in a new window. So in my case the workaround is an another hotkey (workaround, but not a solution).. Sad, because I want to use `Shift + LeftMouseButton`


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