Datagrip-SSH Tunnel bug


Expected: After filling correctly ssh tunnel and connection information, i must connect successfully.
- Turn off ssh tunnel and click to test connection: Connect failed
- Turn on ssh tunnel and click to test connection: Connect failed
- Turn off ssh tunnel again and click to test connection: Connect successfully
- Close data source property dialog, click to sync: Connect failed.
- Do it again and still have the same phenomenon



I had the exact same thing happened.  I just rolled back to an older version and the problem was fixed.  No idea what happened in version 2017.3.4 but I've had a ton of issues since upgrading.


@Saverdaj  Hi,
Could you describe your "ton of issues"?
Thank you.


@The Hi,
Could you provide a screenshot of your data source ssh tab?
Could you provide IDE logs?
Are there any errors when "Connect failed"?
Thank you.l


I can only recall two problems right now.

1. Is the same issue the original user posted about.

2. Anytime I connected to a db with the ssh tunnel any of my other connections through Filezilla, terminal etc would quit working.  I would get a message about too many connections forcing me to close datagrip and all other programs open.  It was through process of elimination that I found datagrip to be the cause.  

I'm currently running 2017.2 since this was the latest stable version I could find here: and I needed something up and running without wasting anymore time.


quiet same story for me : this "too many connection" random error and since an upgrade to phpstorm 2017.something...

very annoying to maintain colleagues are winning the game : I will have to go back to the past...called psql command line...


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