Configure remote docker PHP CLI interpreter does not work

My working environment is Windows 10. I am using PHPStorm 2018.1.5 build June 7 2018

Step 1: I have configured a VirtualBox virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.04. For this VM I have setup docker listening in port 2375

Step 2: I have configured my PHPStorm to connect to the Docker server from step 1. As far as I can see, it works fine (I can connect to it and explore its images from PHPStorm)

Step 3: I have tried to configure a remote PHP CLI from this Docker, but it fails

I can fill the form (you can see docker conf is ok becasue I can select the desired image from the docker server):

But when I click "ok" a new windows "Checking PHP Installation" appears and PHPStorm is frozen

When I do the same operation connection to docker-machine (from Docker toolbox) it works fine (the checking window takes a bit of time but it works)


The IDE log needs to be checked for that, please try again and show is the logs (it'd be better if you upload it somewhere).

Also, please note that with this setup (Windows + Docker in a VM) you'll be struggling with volume mappings, as they don't go over Docker remote API (TCP port 2375 in your case), and you'll need to mount the project dir into the VM first.


Thanks for you quick answer.

I have tried to repeat the failing operation and I have checked the folder PhpStorm2018.1\system\log to check the logs. But I haven't found any log information update since I started the operation. Perhaps I am not looking into the right place or I have to activate something so log information is written.

Can you help me, please, how to find the logs you need?

Thanks again!!!




system\log\idea.log is the place that we need to look at.

Please try enabling debug log collection as per, reproduce the issue and then check what's going on in the log file.


Following your instructions, I have enabled log collection and I have tried to create again a remote docker cli php interpreter:

  • PHPStorm freezes in "Checking php installation" windows
  • But nothing new is logged into idea.log

Any new suggestion?


Which categories have you added to Debug Log Settings?
It had to be #com.jetbrains.php (including the sharp symbol).
What is expected to be seen there:

2018-06-27 18:13:12,557 [  54686]  DEBUG - php.config.phpInfo.PhpInfoUtil - Loaded helper: /opt/.phpstorm_helpers/phpinfo.php 
2018-06-27 18:13:12,711 [  54840]   INFO - .CloudSilentLoggingHandlerImpl - Creating container...
2018-06-27 18:13:13,534 [  55663]  DEBUG - php.config.phpInfo.PhpInfoUtil - Parsing validation output:

I have include these ones:


(you can see your suggestion is already included)

When I included these log setting, I could see that my idea.log was growing. But as I wrote in my previous post, since the moment I click OK to add the new remote docker interpreter (this is the action that caused phpstorm to freeze) nothing new was added to idea.log



Could you please run Help > Compress Logs and Show in ... and upload somewhere resulting archive so we could download & check it?


I have tried your suggestion. To do so, I have followed these steps:

  • Step 1: create new docker connection (Settings -> Build, execution, deployment -> Docker)

Name: Test

TCP Socket: tcp://

PHP Storm shows "Connection successful"

  • Step 2: create new remote PHP CLI interpreter (Languages & frameworks -> PHP -> CLI interpreters -> ... -> Add CLI Interpreter -> From Docker, Vagrant, VM, remote)

PHPStorm shows a dialog window "Configure remote PHP interpreter"

I chose "Docker" option

Server: Test

Image Name: prooph/php:7.1-cli-xdebug (As you can see, the Docker connection is partially working because it can show the images I have in my docker)

PHP interpreter path: /usr/local/bin/php

When I click the OK button a new window "checking PHP Installation" pops up but it never close (and I cannot cancel it) so I must terminate PHPStorm app

After I have restarted PHPStorm I have upload my log files you can download them from here

These steps are the only ones I have done today 2018-07-02 so it may be easier to study the log information

If you have any futher question / suggestion please feel free to ask

Thanks for your help






I wonder if this VCS exception your log is filled with has any relation to the fact that you can't add a Docker interpreter.
Please create a new empty project, load it, check that 'bad object` does not pop up in the log and then try again.

Would it still hang on adding the interpreter?

If so, would there appear any new log messages?


Let me list the steps I have followed:

  1. Create new PHPStorm empty project Test
  2. Activate debugging settings
  3. Close PHPStorm
  4. Clear PHPStorm log folder
  5. Open the new empty Test project
  6. Try to add a new remote docker php cli

As usual, "checking PHP Installation" pops up but it never closes.

You can find the log


Looking into the logs of my first attempt I can read:

I think this image phpstorm_helper is needed into the host machine. But it looks like the host cannot pull it. Perhaps PHPStorm expects some requirements in the host and they are not met



There's a known issue - please vote for it to get notified regarding further progress.


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