Run behaving strangely after update to 2017.3.3


I can no longer run my main classes after the update (MacOS). When I run or debug a main class, the Run/Debug option becomes greyed out but seemingly nothing happens. The Run window doesn't appear as it used to, and cannot be opened manually (greyed out). Stop is also greyed out which suggests that the process does not start correctly.

Any idea on how can I debug this?


There are no errors in the logs. Version 2017.3.2 behaves the same, but 2017.2.6 works fine.

I strongly suspect that this is a Scala-specific issue, in particular connected with SBT shell mode, but I am not 100% sure and I don't have a minimal reproduction example at the moment.


If it's reproducible only with Scala, please file a bug at

You can also check with


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