Address already in use (Not true)

Hi guys,

I am trying to deploy a micro service on a local web server. I did this before with no problems.

The thing is that I tried again today, but this time I have recieved an "Address already in use" error. I have already checked the ports I am trying to use and they are free. Actually, what it's really waird about this is that I can make it work running the "java -jar target\sic-api-1.0.jar server config.yml" from the CMD console.

I dont know what to do. I love the IntelliJ's debug function, but I cannot use it because for some reason it throws me the "Address already in use" error.

Here some captures about my tests:

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What Run/Debug configuration type do you use?

What is the full command line used to start this app from IntelliJ IDEA? (should be visible at the top of the Run console).


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