IntelliJ not showing console output from WildFly



i'm testing IntelliJ Jboss support and functionality with latest version of IntelliJ and WidFly 10. 

So far the biggest issue is logs not showing in server console output.

Where to start, changing logging properties of wildfly, and how? Or something else.

Why this is not working out of the box?



Server console output is shown in Run(Debug) window | Server | Output tab. What output don't you see there? 

If you want to see additional container logs, it can be configured in Logs tab of JBoss Run/Debug Configuration.

>Where to start, changing logging properties of wildfly, and how? 

Please refer to JBoss related documentation:


I have a similar problem with JBoss 7.2. After starting JBoss from "Application Servers" panel it all works well. However, If I switch to other panel (e.g. version control) and return to application servers - output window is grey, I can no longer see any logs.


Please report at with the logs attached: Help | Compress Logs and Show in ...

Make sure you have the latest IntelliJ IDEA version and run it under the bundled JetBrains Runtime (

See if works better for you.


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