Prioritizing of schemas for introspection


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our DB has about 16 schemas with a total of around 900 tables and 2500 routines. One of these schemas is our test environment which we're actively working in. The problem is that whenever something changes in that schema the synchronization/introspection (still don't get if there's a difference, since hitting the sync button actually starts the introspection) which takes up to 3 minutes seems to alphabetically go through the schemas hitting our test schema in the very end.

So in order to see my changes I have to wait up to 3 minutes. This is unaccaptable.

So here is my question: Is there a way to prioritize schemas for introspection? E.g. sync the test schema first, then all the others.


Is there a way to significantly speed up the process? 

Our team's been previously working with MySQL Workbench, where syncing happened within the blink of an eye and was hardly noticable.

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No, there is no such prioritising.
In case you only test schema you'd better not to select all schemas in a database.
Since you invoked sync IDE needs to ensure all selected schemas are up to date for correct code completion.


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