Upload files after commit - no files found to process


I created empty git repo. I generated documentation. I commited all files to my VCS with upload files to option checked.

Then in File transfer window I received following information:

[2018-03-07 14:40] Uploading to tech after commit: dokumentacja 7.03.2018
[2018-03-07 14:40] No files or folders found to process

Why there is nothing found?



Can this be reproduced stably?
If it can, please enable extended deployment logging, reproduce it and upload the log file and output of Help | Settings Summary | Deployment somewhere.
Thank you!


I can reproduce it every time in this particular case.

Log files

Deployment log





Mappings for the deployment configuration are not set, could you please fix that and check again?
Just a slash there would be fine.


Now it works. Thank you very much.

I thought that when I chose the root path, deployment path would be set automatically.


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