DataGrip. DataEditor: Modify cells from a sql-query result with joins


In SQLyog you can choose ( vai dropdown ) which table can be modified, if you want do edit in a result of a query with joins. 


Is something similar possible in DataGrip?


Thanks for the info.

So no similar option available and no hope of an implementation in the near future. (Ticket older than 3,5 years)


this is really frustrating.

I really want to replace SQLyog. But this type of method covers to much of my daily work. Are they really no alternatives methods? 

How can i change manually fields on an amount of entries from one table, but filtered on fields on a referenced table? Please consider 'manually', an update command can be used, but is not practically for my kind of work. 

I would be thankful for any alternative method, usable in DataGrip.


My company wants this feature as well. We've used the trial, but wont switch from SqlYog before this features is available.


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