Persistence Window And Database Are Not Fully Linked


In some ways this is linked to my other post because in that I was trying to generate persistence mappings from the database tool window.

In this case, I had generated my mappings but decided to change the name of some tables.

Renaming the table in the database tool window didn't update the persistence tool window or the associated classes.

Refactoring/Renaming the entities didn't offer to update the associated tables in database.

Also, the refactoring didn't update foreign keys properly.

Refactoring from "Users" to "User" left this:

@OneToOne(mappedBy = "usersByTransactionId")

Less and less I am "Developing for pleasure" and more and more I have "The drive to complain"

Mind you, in the last few months I have updates on issues that I opened 6-8 years ago. Which is nice.

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