DataGrip sync issues with PostgreSQL


DataGrip 2018.1.5 seems to have issues when syncing Postgres database changes.

I'm currently using Postgres 9.5. via a Docker container and it fails to synchronize changes to the database which were made outside of DataGrip. I've tried using auto sync and explicitly syncing by clicking the Synchronize button on the data source, database, schema and table, but none of it helped.

Searching the issues led me to the following post but it seemed resolved, so not sure if this is a regression.

I've also created a simple example on GitHub, with more details and instructions on how to reproduce in the README:

I haven't tested this with other versions of Postgres, nor with other RDBMSs, but might catch the time to do it would help diagnose this.


Let me know if I can provide some additional information, and/or if I'm doing something wrong.




Thank you for an example. Were you trying to reproduce an issue


@ Vedran Zakanj 
Could you try to invoke `Database tools...` -> `Forget cashed schema`?


@vasily chernov invoking "Database Tools -> Forget Cached Schemas" does indeed work, I've only learned about it this morning so haven't gotten around including it in the repo README, will do so shortly.


Also, thanks for providing a link where I can track this.





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