Date field shows yesterday

Hi everyone, 
This looks like a bug but I wasn't able to find related posts or a way to hack the date by changing some settings so that it shows the right date. 

This seems to be in the new version - 2018.1.4 because I just checked it in 2017.2 and that works fine. 

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Thank you for your feedback. I can't reproduce the issue in DataGrip 2018.1.5 and 2018.2 EAP 3:

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Hi Vasily,

I've noticed the same issue. Like Asarapure, I'm seeing this issue in Snowflake but not any other database. The issue is present in DataGrip 2017.3 but not 2017.2.3.

DataGrip 2017.3:

DataGrip 2017.2.3:

Using the following Snowflake Driver:

Note that Snowflake history shows consistent results for both queries (2018-01-01).

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Yeah. I still have this problem. Upgrading to the latest 2018.2 is probably the best bet.


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