2018.2 give us back our joy with colors


Maybe I'm alone to feel like this but the new GUI (almost colorless) is depressive ... makes me sad.


As a reminder about human behavior, we are more sensitive to colors than to shapes.
So it's easier to locate menus, tabs, buttons if they have colors (rather than having all the same sad grey color).

e.g. now I've to do an effort to locate 'Version Control' tab on the bottom 


So please would you mind give us back the joy to use Idea.

Or at least provide a way to customise those.


The first thing I noticed on update to 2018.2 is the missing colors - I use "Favorites" window a lot - there used to be yellow stars, but now everything is grey and hard to make out the difference between Favorites lists - aka you took away an important element of design --> Contrast!

It seems also the tool windows like "Version Control", "TODO", "Terminal" once had color coded icons, but now they are all grey.  This is bad!  Not an improvement.  

Please give us a way to have the UI colors back!

Please you are our only hope JetBrains team.


The UI colors are really missed.

Please bring them back.


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