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A couple questions about comparisons:


  • When I do a schema compare (comparing two schemas), I just get a spinning wheel on the first object being compared (a synonym in this case); nothing else happens.  Any ideas on what the problem could be? 


  • I don't see a way to compare data in two tables in different schemas - is that possible?



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> 2 Compare data
As a workaround,  you can invoke 2 queries to get data you need and compare result sets

> 1 Schema comparison
Could you specify database you use and provide sample DDL to reproduce the issue?

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I'm using Datagrip 2021.2.4 to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. I cannot see "Compare Content" option as shown here: 

Is there another way to compare data between 2 tables?

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You need to select 2 tables (with CTRL+click) before.


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