Troubleshooting PyCharm background tasks and Python quit working?


Any pointers to decent troubleshooting steps on determining why Python quits working on PyCharm background tasks?

In the past week or so Python (3.6.5) started crashing on a regular basis during many different operations (updating skeletons, debugging scripts, editing code in IDE). Since then I have tried multiple combinations of reinstallation of PyCharm (v2018.2, 2018.1 & 2017.3) and I have also updated Python to 3.6.6 and recreated virtual environments. Occasionally PyCharm crashes at the same time and when this happens, modified files are not always being saved to disk. In most cases, PyCharm is not staying operational long enough to debug applications or do any productive work.

It does not appear to be a Python issue, as I can run my code from command-line in the various project virtual environments, use pdb for debugging successfully in the same virtual environments where I see application crashes with PyCharm. I also don't have the same problem when using Visual Studio Code. I would prefer not to have to switch IDEs, but right now PyCharm is unusable.  I'm not finding a lot of helpful items and the application logs in event viewer are less than helpful, only stating Python quit working with no pointers that I can decipher to the underlying cause.



Windows 10

PyCharmCE various versions (2018.2.1, 2018.1.2, 2017.3.6)

Python: 2.7.15, 3.6.5, 3.6.6

all usage is virtual environments created via PyCharm Project Interpreter settings window

Edited: Title - to specify background tasks


I believe I might be having the same issue.

Usually there's background tasks that says "Connecting to Console". The only workaround I've found so far is to quit Intillij IDEA/PyCharm and relaunch. But the issue is happening so often, that it's making IntelliJ annoying to use.

I'm using MacOS.


Hi Slw07g,

I don't think your issue is the same. Does "Connecting to Console" appear when you open Python Console?

Please reproduce the issue and upload your renamed idea.log from Help | Show Log in... to and let me know the name of the file.


FYI , this issue happened to me as I updated my conda env , adding a package 'outside' of pycharm (well through a pip install in shell) while pycharm was running. It seems the pycharm client does not handle that very well. Indeed a simple restart of the client does the trick because it kills the process. 

Hope that helps




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