Does DG support only index some tables under Postgres Schema?


Does DG support only index some tables under Postgres Schema?  

For the reason some tables I don't have access then background job will fail to index the tables and columns.  It is better to filter them in Datasource Schema tab, not in Options tab.  

And also, even I try to filter out some tables in Options tab, it doesn't work properly when the tables are not in default schema.



Sorry, it is not clear :(



It is from Greenplum DB (basically it is postgresql 8.3)

it can create schema like

dev_db     -> fact_schema->product_sale_fact (it is a partition table, but its sub tables are all shown in the list, it consumes lots of index space)



                -> dim_schema->person_dim


                ->vis_schema   ->user_dashboard

                                        -> user_temp_board

                                        -> product_dashboard

                                        -> product_snapshot

              -> sandbox_schema

product_db -> with same schema.



so I'd like to filter out prt tables and temp table under fact_schema and vis_schema in Datasource Schema tab or option tab, but I don't know how to filter them out.

I tried: table:-fact_schema.*prt*, or table:-*prt*  but it doesn't work.






Assume, I got the following table structure:

payment_p2007_01 (based on payment)
payment_p2007_02 (based on payment)
payment_p2007_03 (based on payment)
payment_p2007_04 (based on payment)
payment_p2007_05 (based on payment)
payment_p2007_06 (based on payment)

So to filter'em out I use:


Then I need to apply my changes and press ok. Then database tree will be updated according to your filter.

Also, see regular expressions help by mentioned link (see screenshot):


It works.  Thank you very much for your answer. 

I hope it can be filtered on schema tab only index major tables in future release for the reason that partition tables are built by date, it creates few hundred "duplicated" tables in the schema.


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