Jetbrains IDE Support chrome addon - multiple windows


My problem is similar to 

but rather than mutliple IDE's I have multiple project windows.  When I click the IDE support addon a debugging session starts but in the wrong project.  I have to close all other project windows until only the one I want is left.  I don't know if I'm unlucky but it always seems to be the last window open that is the one I want!!


How do I bind the button to a specific project?  The button is so good because because you can start an adhoc debug session as easy as an in browser session.  The debug profile route is too long winded.


What Elena said in the thread:

To avoid issues, you need to make sure that the IDE you use for JavaScript debugging is started first, before other IDEs.

Could you please confirm that? Close all windows, open the one you want to use for debugging, open some other ones and check where it would offer you to debug?


Just to confirm I am only using one IDE - PHPstorm, the issue is with multiple windows in PHPstorm.  If I close all windows apart from the desired project, everything is fine.  If I open a new project in a new window, this will take over the next debugging session.


There is no way to bind to a specific project when using Inspect in Phpstorm action; please vote for

and the problem has no relation to the mentioned thread:)


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