CLion would not recognize pro*C syntax


I loaded an existing project into CLion but when I try to read the code with PRO*C syntax embedded its not recognizing it and is complaining about 'Can't resolve variable exec' and it would do the same with 'from', 'where', etc and anything that has to do with SQL syntax.

I was able to link the oracle libraries for linux into my CMakeList.txt but still the IDE won't recognize the PRO*C syntax.

Any ideas?


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Hello! Unfortunately, PRO*C syntax is not supported in CLion at the moment. Feel free to submit a feature request in our tracker:

Just in case, here is a 3rd-party example of the CMake file that handles the proc file:

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Is this still the case in 2021?


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Francis Nikou there is still no special support for PRO*C syntax in CLion. But CLion now supports TextMate bundles - So if you find or create a TextMate bundle for PRO*C, you will be able to use it in CLion.


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