keyboard loses focus after IDEA 2018.1.4 upgrade


 I just upgraded from 2018.1.3 to 2018.1.4.  I'm noticing a new issue every time I use the keyboard shortcut for View->Quick documentation.  After I press <ESC> to exit the popup, the keyboard focus is lost.  This did not occur under 2018.1.3.  This issue also does not occur if you use the mouse to bring up View->Quick Documentation.

The workaround is to use the mouse and click somewhere, but I would prefer to use the keyboard and not the mouse in this case. 

Is this a known issue with the upgrade?


ok, looks like this is actually a known issue



The issue will be fixed in IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.6. 2018.2 from is not affected.


In the meantime another workaround is to press ALT-TAB to regain focus. Not ideal, but better than reaching for the mouse.


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