PyCharm 2018.1+ icon on taskbar do not blink on debug breakpoint


Currently I have the PyCharm version 2018.2, but I noticed that from 2018.1+ version, when I debugging and it stop on breakpoint the icon of the aplication on taskbar do not blink, this is very usefull (to quicky know that there is a breakpoint) while a testing.

Is there a setting to turn on this funcionality?. thanks in advance.



Please note that this is also the case in Intellij 2018.3.2.

Please repair this functionality.

Best regards


Try this:

Settings > Build,Execution,Deployment > Debugger

Keep "Focus application on breakpoint" NOT Selected


Lol, that seems buggy. If "Focus application on breakpoint" is checked, nothing happens when a breakpoint is hit. However, if you uncheck "Focus application on breakpoint" it will actually focus the application when a breakpoint is hit. 


Using intellij with multiple desktops in Windows, a blinking icon would be amazing. No more staring at the screen for 20 seconds before realizing I need to switch desktops because a breakpoint may have triggered... 


Hi all,

I'm sincerely sorry for such inconvenience. The problem is known Feel free to vote and comment.


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