Issues running python scripts in PyCharm - Access Denied


Dear all,

I am a little bit lost here. Usually, I use PyCharm for coding little fun Projects on two PCs, one located at my office, on on my PC at home. I use Dropbox, to store these projectes, to have easy access from both locations.

Now, I had to reinstall both Systems recently, and while I have no Problems with the setup at the office, I have a weird issue at my home PC. Whenever I try running anythin in PyCharm, it takes ages, and I get the error message: " CreateProcess error=5, Access Denied"

I tried troubleshoot it, running simple hello_world scripts on different Locations, both locally and in the dropbox Folder, and they only work when I run them from the command line. Once I create a Project in PyCharm,it gives the error message above. When I try running a PyCharm script from the command line, I get the same error message.

From the console, I can also run python, import modules and code...

I already tried the following things: reinstall Python (I use Conda) reinstall PyCharm run PyCharm in Admin Mode turn off Antivirus program

I appreciate any hint or help, I am really do not what´s going on here.

Thanks, and best wishe


Could you please provide a screenshot of the problem and your idea.log zipped after reproducing the problem by uploading them to After that please provide us the name of the zip file.



Hey Sergey, 

thanks for getting back. By now, I figured out that the firewall running in the background was the cause of the problem. 

Thanks, and Best wishes



uploaded screenshot


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