Feature Suggestion: expansion/template strings in the "Out Path" for mysqldump


Using the "Dump with mysqldump" feature is great, but I manage a lot of databases, and I work on a lot of different projects. As a result, I am routinely pulling down SQL dumps from prod for migration to staging/dev or other machines. Having to manually change the filename in the "Out path" gets old fast! It would be extremely useful if we were able to enter expansion/template strings in the "Out path" filename that would be automatically replaced in the CLI command. These could include things like the database name, hostname, username, strftime parameters (for date/time info), and so on.

For example, in phpMyAdmin you can do something like "@DATABASE@_%Y-%m-%d_%H%i" to export as "databasename_2018-10-03_1315.sql". It supports a number of expansion strings, which are outlined here.

This would give us the ability to set an "Out path" value and never have to change it, regardless of which database we are dealing with.

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There is a feature request similar to your description https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-6749


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