Modifier keys not working properly in PyCharm


I first noticed that keys were not working properly when I attempted to select a word by hitting Shft+Left and instead skipped back a word. Then I typed Fn+Delete to delete some characters behind the cursor and Overwrite Mode was turned on as well. I check preferences and found that I had the standard Mac OS X 10.5+ keymap on PyCharm 2018.2.4. I tried other keyboard combinations and found that Command was working as expected, but the others were not. The modifiers did perform as expected in all other applications. Any help is appreciated. System information below:

Model Name: MacBook Pro

Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1

Processor Name: Intel Core i5

Processor Speed: 2.6 GHz

Number of Processors: 1

Total Number of Cores: 2

L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

L3 Cache: 3 MB

Memory: 8 GB

Boot ROM Version: MBP111.0146.B00

SMC Version (system): 2.16f68

ProductName: Mac OS X

ProductVersion: 10.13.6



Do you have a Vim Emulator enabled? (Tools | Vim Emulator)


It was enabled! Everything is back to normal now. Thanks for the help Sergey.


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