Lose Focus after Switching Workspace in i3wm


Platform: PyCharm 2018.2.1, i3wm 4.11, Ubuntu Server 16.04.


Step 1: editing in the editor of PyCharm, in workspace No. 3;

Step 2: switch to another workspace, say, No. 1;

Step 3: switch back the workspace No. 3;

Step 4: the editor of PyCharm responds to Enter, Backspace, F3, F9 keys, but no response to the keys a-z, 0-9.


I've tried Switch Boot JDK, and add `for_window [class="^jetbrains-.+"][window_type=dialog] focus` or `focus_follows_mouse no` in i3 config. But none works.


How to fix it? Thanks.


Hi Sergey,

Adding suppress.focus.stealing=false in custom properties fixes this issue.



@Sergey, you've fixed an issue that has been bugging me for literally years. Thank you so much :)


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