Unable to invoke Python debugger


Regardless of the python code I am running when I try to start the debugger I get the following message.

"Cannot add an action twice. Resume program (Resume program execution).  

Could someone point me toward a direction for resolution?  Which action is being added multiple times?  If I run the code without the debugger it runs fine.

I get this error message regardless of the python script that I am trying to execute.  All of them run fine without the debugger.

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Hi Gautambiswas2004,

Is it in IntelliJ? Do you have added extra resume action to the Debug Tool Window Left Toolbar (settings/ menus and toolbars) https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-159754#comment=27-1567909 ?

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Yes, that was the problem.  Thank you for the suggestion and the workaround.


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