Project Structure Content Missing -


I launched PyCharm 2017.3 this morning the same as usual, but my project structure is missing. Other customisations, favorites, and so on are there, but the Project Structure under settings is blank, whereas I had several content roots defined.

We have snapshot backups of our user folders, so I think i should be able to recover this, but I don't know where the Project Structure content root settings are stored.  

Any idea how this could go missing in the first place?  

Can I recover this or do I have to rebuild my whole project?


Hi Robin,

Could you please attach a screenshot showing this, rename idea.log (Help | Show Log in...) and upload it to and let me know the name of that file?

All project specific settings are stored under .idea folder inside the project's main folder.


I'll try restoring my .idea folders and report back.

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to upload attachments from my work computer for security reasons, so found a service to paste and share it, if that's alright.


restoring my .idea folder from last night has fixed it.




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