Interpreter display in "4: Run" window


This is a bit of a dumb question and I might not quite have the right vocabulary to ask it, but I'm going to try. Thanks in advance for your patience. 

For some reason, PyCharm displays very differently on my Linux computer than the instance I have running on my Windows computer. The two are set up slightly differently - in Linux, I'm using a Conda virtual environment, whereas in Windows I'm just using the system Anaconda python installation as the interpreter. I don't know if this affect my issue, though. 

In Windows, after I run a script, PyCharm shows an interactive interpreter under the "4: Run" display. I can then check variables in my script: 

However, in my Linux version, I don't see this. Instead, I only see the output of the run and "Process finished with exit code 0" (or whatever is relevant):

Switching over to Terminal or Python Console menus doesn't help. How can I get my Linux version to include this interactive interpreter? Thanks everyone. 



Have you tried checking Run with Python console in your Run/Debug Configuration?


Aha! That seemed to work! Thank you, Sergey!


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