any way for the structure view to only show functions


I would like to use the structure view more, epecially for jumping between functions.

and ideally to create a personal bookmark to jump to.

but its currently cluttered up with variables, i would ideally like to remove the variables, e.i no indexing of variables in structure view, and so just show functions, anyway for pycharm to do that, either through settings or a plugin ? 

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There is currently no way to remove variables from Structure tool window. 

But creating bookmarks is possible, see this tutorial.

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Thank you for you're response.


bookmarks seem to work, but the bookmarks viewer wont show functions.

I would like to view only functions, and bookmarks ideally.

so is this a feature I want to request, how would I do that?

Or is there a better way to get an overview of you're code where what is shown can be customized.

Let me explain, just to make sure this isn't implemented in some other way, or plugin perhaps.

I'm used to R-studio which isn't as feature rich as pycharm, yet still code navigation by function and by html headings has been a feature for years. 

As can be seen below, the R studio, can see both my bookmarks which is just

"# sometext -------------"  and it's correctly indexed in the outline.

Only functions are shown in the outline aswell, and no variables, since these are irrelevant for fast navigation. 

Pycharm shows the variables, which cannot be toggled off, and bookmarks, even defined in pycharms logic, (F11 by default) is not shown in the structure, and no appearent way to show it. 



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Unfortunately, there is no such feature at the moment.

Please feel free to submit a feature request about it to our issue tracker using the link and let us know if you need any help.


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