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I'm learning Pycharm on my Windows 10 system but I have the impression I'm lacking some performance. My system is a Lenovo thinkpad with a i5-5200 processor and 8 Gig of RAM. Hard drive is SSD. I meet the minimum system requirements ( I already reinstalled my system to get rid of any system 'garbage'.

Compared to Idle and Spyder my IDE's performance/reaction time is slower. i.e. opening a file within a project takes like two seconds. If I press the shortcut to open the settings it takes like four seconds before the screen actually is open. (Just to be clear - PyCharm is  more powerfull in many other aspects)

What are your system specs? Any tweak I could consider or should I upgrade my system?



Hi Elke,

Your system does satisfy the recommended requirements, but there can be other programs running on your machine and taking up resources.

Please monitor the CPU and memory consumption of PyCharm while you preform the actions which causes the slowdowns - do you see significant CPU spikes? How much memory is consumed? Are there any other processes taking a lot of CPU or memory running during this time?

Regarding the tweaks, you can try increasing the maximum RAM which PyCharm can take by changing `-Xmx` parameter from Help -> Edit custom VM options.


Is a laptop of 4gb ram and 1.3 Ghz speed good for running Pycharm?


You can check the system requirements on the download page


Does Pycharm works on i2 processor?
I am having problems because it is running very slow in i2 processor


Hello,  there are no restrictions for i2. 

please submit a  request at with

logs folder zipped from ***Help | Collect logs and Diagnostic Data***  attached.

Information on how to use YouTrack:


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