Solved: Terminal will not return to docked mode

I've seen several posts on this issue, but none of the solutions presented are working.  This issue has been plaguing me for a while now.  At this time I'm using webstorm v2018.3.  When I recently started a new project the terminal is docked, but for my primary project it will not dock with the following solutions.


1) With the terminal in windowed mode, if I deselect windowed mode from the termainal it goes to floating mode.

2) In the menu Window > Active Tool Window the option to go to docked mode is greyed out.  If I deselect windowed mode from this menu it goes to floating mode, and docked mode is still greyed out.  


If anyone has a solution, I'm all ears, this is extremely frustrating.


Looks similar to

Deleting project .idea/workspace.xml should help to restore the default layout, but it's not the best solution of course...


Yes seems similar to that issue, doesn't seem to provide any new solutions though.  Tried Shift+F12 as well.  That seems to minimize the terminal, but doesn't dock it back into the IDE window.


Elena, your "not the best solution" ended up pointing me in the right direction.  I went into the workspace.xml for the newer project where this isn't an issue and copied the line below.  I replaced the terminal line in the problematic project with this line and it seems to be working now.  I wish the solution was more straight forward than that, but at the end of the day I'm just happy to have my terminal docked again.  Thanks!


<window_info id="Terminal" active="true" weight="0.2487725" visible="true" order="10" anchor="bottom"/>


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