Debugger variable too large to show contents - Max items to show


I'm trying to use the Remote Debugger (but normal debugger will do the same thing) to display a large dict.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Create a large dict in your Python code (e.g. 2000 key, values)
  2. Start Remote Debugger hit a settrace
  3. Look at the large dict variable in the debugger window

What is the expected result?
Too see all the data in the dict

What happens instead?
A truncated (currently 300 items) list is displayed

The following StackOverflow question describes this problem with a partially working solution
StackOverflow Post

Basically, the PyCharm debugger has a hardcoded limit (currently 300 for me) for how many elements should be displayed.
If I change the _pydevd_bundle/ in the debug egg then debug again, I can see more elements in the list, up to 1000.
If I change the limit to 2000 though, the limit in the debugger remains at 1000.

Where is this limit of 1000? Can it be changed? Or can we enable better debugging of larger lists?



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