PyCharm run with terminal in insert mode


When I run a py-file using Emulate terminal in output console, I always enter a terminal in insert mode. This doesn't happen if I run under Python Console. I've tried to use the keymap shortcut to toggle on/off the insert mode, I've also tried different shortcuts (option+command+V, control+command+V, command+J and others), but nothing works. The most annoying thing is that I can't see what I type when an input/prompt is reached. I'm running PyCharm 2018.3.2 (Professional) on a mac and I don't have IdeaVim installed. Any idea what's going on here? Thanks!


Hi Paola,

I think your problem with input/prompt not showing up is covered by the following issue Please vote for it and follow for updates.


You're right, that's exactly the same problem that I have. I voted for the issue and included an explanation of my case.


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