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I have 100+ Intellij licenses and would migrate step by step this licenses to a JetBrains license server in our company network.

If I have migrate some licenses from the JetBrains Group to our JetBrains license server all clients should use our license server to verify the license. I read in the doc's that I can specify a DNS record for discovering the license server, but how is the generally priority order to discovering the license?

Therefore, if I can't set the DNS record to discover the license server, because some company guidelines, I must manually change the license address for every IDE installation?

Is somewhere a workaround to migrate the licenses to an own JetBrains license server and change the license server address? I don't want to change something and over 100 employees can not work, because they have no valid license.



Hello Volker,

IDE checks workstation name and use it to generate License Server name  by adding "_jetbrains-license-server." prefix. If machine with such name is not found IDE cuts domain name and tries once again. E.g.:

Workstation name: unit-01.Labs.Test.Net

IDE will try to find server using naes in this order:


So, this way you could configure domains that could use License Server.

> I must manually change the license address for every IDE installation?

It's possible to use JETBRAINS_LICENSE_SERVER environment variable to point the installation to the license server URL:







Do you really want IntelliJ looking for



I have  a security concern about IJ resolving down to these base domains looking for a license server.

What if these domains were purchased by a black hat hacker ...



The queries are limited to the TXT attributes only. The queries are performed using default DNS configuration for the client network connection. Can you clarify how this can be a security issue?


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