No IDEA Annotations attached to the JDK 1.8, Some Issues Will Not be Found



I have installed 

  1. JDK1.8.0_201 
  2. IDEA Community Edition 2018.3.4 
  3. Cucumber Plugin

I created a new Gradle project. So far so good. 

Then I rebooted my PC and started IDEA. 

Then I start to see this banner like this (except in my case it say jdk1.8.0_201).

Once I clicked the Attached annotation , the banner went away.  But I don't know what did happen actually? What does it mean No IDEA annotations attached to the JDK



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It adds jdkAnnotations.jar to the JDK configuration:

This JAR provides external annotations for JDK methods:

Magic Constant is one of the inspections using these annotations:


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