*.pyi files are not picked up by remote interpreter


*.pyi files from manually added to a remote interpreter paths are not resolved by IDE when symbols from these files are used.

I checked `External Libraries` in Project Window, and corresponding folders have only __init__.py files, *.pyi aren't synched.

Is it expected behavior for remote interpreters?



So you import something from your *.pyi files and PyCharm doesn't resolve it?

Would it be possible to provide a screenshot showing the problem and another one showing the location of these *.pyi files?


Sure, here's more details on the problem:

# There's a folder on remote server with the following layout:
# package/name/__init__.py <-- empty
# package/name/fileA.py <-- contains A
# package/name/fileB.pyi <-- contains B

# OK
from package.name.fileA import A

# Two problems: "cannot find reference 'fileB' in __init__.py" and "unresolved reference B"
from package.name.fileB import B

Locally, .py files exist in External Libraries for the remote interpreter, but not *.pyi


Thanks for clarification!

This one indeed seems relevant https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-31189. PyCharm doesn't download remote *.pyi files and thus they are not shown in External Libraries. Then it is also expected that it fails to import.

Please vote for the issue and follow for updates.


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