F11 not working for bookmarks, but other Function keys are working


I have one of the newer Macs that have the touchbar. Could that have something to do with this ? 

When I press F9, it does open the debug window.


But when I press F11, I don't get the bookmark happening. When I access the bookmark functionality via the Menu at the top, that works. 

Any ideas ? 

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Hi Jay,

Is Toggle Bookmark action assigned to F11 in your Keymap (Preferences | Keymap)?

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 I checked the Keymap like you suggested. It was assigned there.

I then checked the 'Command F11' to see if at least the Bookmark with Mnemonic worked. It did.

Only F11 doesn't work.  


(btw, I thought it did after I tried Command+F11 and then only F11 by itself, but I was wrong, only Command + F11 works). But at least I have the other option I can use for now. 


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