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I'm trying to find where I can modify the code templates used by the Generate popup for functions, procedures, triggers etc. I've seen mention of Settings > Editor > File and Code Templates while searching for a solution, but this doesn't seem to exist in DataGrip (it does in WebStorm and PHPStorm). If I double-shift (search everywhere) and type 'File and Code Templates' there is an entry under settings, but selecting it takes me to 'Live Templates' which doesn't contain any references to the templates I want to modify. 

DataGrip 2018.3.2
Build #DB-183.5429.24, built on January 22, 2019
Windows 10 10.0

I'm hoping someone can help?

Thanks in advance,


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Generate (Alt+Ins) and Live templates are different functionality.
To enhance Generate action follow

As a workaround you can create live templates:


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