Test runner tab - tree doesnt expand


In test runner tab, some of the trees expand but some of them dont. Even when they have more leaf elements. Also when there are errors in tests, tree wont expand. Are there any rules for this tree expanding? Or is it a bug?



Hi Tomas,

I cannot reproduce it on my side. Would it be possible to share the reproducible example?

You can upload it zipped to https://uploads.services.jetbrains.com with your idea.log (Help | Show Log in...), but please let me know the name of the file.


Hi Sergey,

I found out it happen on bigger projects with more tests. For example, I can reproduce the issue on this project:

I made pytest configuration which basically call this command:
pytest test/dialect/oracle

First of all i get inconsistent results of tree exapnsion, as you can see on pictures.
Sometimes node 'test_compiler/CompileTest/...' is expanded and node 'test_dialect' is not expanded at all.
But sometimes node 'test_compiler' is not expanded at all and node 'test_dialect' is expanded + also some of his node is expanded.

Secondly, when i change the code and for example make one of the test in 'test_dialect' fail, it wont expand automatically. I would expect test runner tab to automatically expand nodes with failing tests. So i can just double click on the test and see the code.


I also uploaded the log files. Name of the file is


Also, right before generating the logs, last two tree results were those i described in last comment. Hope it will help you.



Hi Tomas,

Thank you for providing me with the material for reproducing and for such a clear explanation!

I am able to reproduce the problem with tree expanding, it looks very inconsistent and you are right, many tree elements are not expanded even if they have some children. I have filed a bug about it to our issue tracker https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-207697, please vote for it and follow for updates.



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